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EverGreen Team Priorities As Written By The One-Handed Blogger

Posted by Diana Hartman on June 1, 2015 at 3:55 PM

Last Tuesday, I sat down and typed the Agenda for our annual Spring Employee Meeting. We like to start out the season by introducing our fabulous new team to the expectations of an EverGreen staff member. I started out by listing our priorities as always:

#1. Safety - of employees, clients, driving and equipment

#2. Quality - of client service and work completed

#3. Efficiency - of route, schedule and work completed

Of course, I went on to list many other topics...paperwork, teamwork, communication...all important to discuss. I look back over my Agenda one week later, and as I type this with one hand and I realize how easy it is to express your priorities and how easy it can be to forget them.

We all do it. We know the right way to do something, the safe way to do something, but then we get in a hurry. Our schedules are so full and, yes, it's all important, but let's slow down and remember that gained second or two may not be worth it.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I enjoy creating functional art. Last Tuesday, I ran down to my project room and made two cuts through a piece of poplar for which I had a project in mind. I only had five minutes before I needed to round up my son and head out to pick up my daughter. I quickly made the two cuts on my table saw and, to save you the unsettling details, ended up with my close friend and neighbor driving me to the ER, towel wrapped around my left hand and wondering what would come next. I really messed up!

I am extremely lucky! I still have all of my fingers, I have an amazing husband, family and the best of friends helping me through this and not one has said, "What the *%#& were you thinking?" I've had bone grafts, pins placed, tendons reattached and will probably require more surgery and a substantial amount of physical therapy, but I am one of the lucky ones that will recover most of the use of my hand.

What I've learned and what I want to share with our staff and anyone else who will listen...SAFTEY FIRST, QUALITY NEXT, AND FINALLY EFFICIENCY. We care about our staff and we care about you!

Take the time...

to wait for another set of hands if you need help.

to stop when the light turns yellow.

to take the slower route if you're not quite ready for that jump on your bike or skis.

to answer the phone after you've parked.

to call before you dig.

I'm sure you can think of plenty more for this list!

I'm not saying to live your life in fear, but to make time for safety. One choice can change the rest of your life!

We aren't the least expensive mow company in town. We strive to be the best! To us, this definitely means taking the time to insure the safety of our team and our clients! This means taking the time to provide quality service and quality completed work and last of all, trying to find the best ways to provide that efficiently. I am proud to share that thanks to Phil Hartman and all our staff over the past 8 years, we have had one workmen's compensation claim and it was minimal. SAFETY FIRST! Thanks for listening and we care about you!


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