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EverGreen Lawn Maintenance

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EverGreen Lawn Maintenance provides all of the services you desire with one call!

Lawn Mowing.  We offer a quality mowing service which includes so much more than just cutting your grass.  Our meticulous crews mow your lawn with care, trimming the edges, blowing grass clippings from hardscape materials, even taking the time to remove litter and return bark and stones to beds.

Sprinkler Maintenance.  A greener, brighter, healthier lawn will thrive with proper irrigation and you can save money and water with smart technology and a well-maintained sprinkler system.  We can maintain the system you and your lawn have been waiting for.  We provides services such as, sprinkler system start ups, maintenance, repairs, adjustments, troubleshooting, blow outs/winterizations, and upgrades.

Pruning.  Remove dead and potentially damaging material, diseased tissues and insect infestations from trees and bushes to produce healthy thriving plants.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups.  Remove fallen leaves and debris which suffocate your lawn.  This allows grass to breathe and grow, revitalizing your lawn!
Light Landscaping.  Brighten your landscape!  Let us design and build beds using metal, wood, or stone of your choice.  We can move or bring in soil and/or compost, remove sod, lay weed mat and install edging and borders.  Need ideas to make your outdoor space more inviting, give us a call.  Landscaping can raise the value of your home up to 15% and the enjoyment of your space 100%.

Power-raking.  Remove thatch from your lawn.  These layers of dead grass prevent fertilizer and water from reaching grass roots and new grass from sprouting!

Aeration.  Allow oxygen, nutrients and water to reach grass roots by removing plugs from dense soil that provides the bed for your lawn.  Aeration promotes green, healthy growth!

Snow Plowing.  You need someone that you can depend on to be there and get the job done right when it comes to moving your snow!  The EverGreen Lawn Maintenance snow plow team arrives on time every time and clears the way for you to accomplish the tasks you have planned for your day regardless of the snow fall!

Please call today for a free consultation, recommendation of services and estimate!